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Summer by Bebe


What I wore…

Headband: Aldo Sunglasses: Agaci Earrings: Bealls Bracelet: Juicy Couture Dress, Clutch, Shoes: Bebe Musical Inspiration: “Perfect Day” by Hoku

Bebe has been my go-to for countless outfits and accessories for both life and work. I’ve had dozens of their items last through years and years of wear. Which is especially amazing considering how affordable they are and how often they have sales. GOOD sales, too. Not measly discounts. We’re talking gorgeous pieces marked WAY down.

In fact, every Bebe item seen here was bought from an in-store sale rack. I dare say that Bebe may be the store I shop the most in. And I am a constant shopper. A “pro” one might say! So…it’s only fitting that my favorite Summer look is Bebe from head to toe!

I adore this multi-colored maxi dress because it’s lightweight and comfortable but still looks “dressy”. The orange and yellow in the pattern makes me happy! It was the perfect backdrop to show off these awesome brown fringe accessories. I actually purchased them separately at two different Bebe stores. The roomy clutch came first and I loved how unique it was. It works really well with bohemian looks as shown here but in the Fall it’s really gorgeous with an olive green sweater dress & brown boots!

I added a few extras here like a chunky Juicy Couture bracelet, pearl chandelier earrings and funky aviators with a white & gold chain at the top. The headband was around 4 or 5 pounds at an “Aldo” outlet in London. I was surprised to see the brand there, actually! It’s a really fun headband with a suede cord holding beads and feathers that dangle at the bottom.

In closing, I want to again stress the importance of how awesome Bebe is for every season. They carry well-made pieces that get you noticed. I’d describe the “Bebe girl” as unapologetically glam. I applaud that.

Enjoy your Summer, everyone!. 🙂

-V. xoxo

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