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Summer Florals


What I wore…

Sunglasses: American Vintage (Fullerton, CA) Top: (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) Vest: Bebe Belt: Camden Town Market (England) Jeans: J.Crew Clutch: Vintage

Musical Inspiration: “Cool Kids” by Echosmith

Every Spring/Summer the floral print trend is in “full bloom”. So I let this green floral printed top that I found recently in a small boutique in Toronto take the starring role in this ensemble. As someone who usually shies away from prints I was happy to find one that I loved enough to get me into this seasonal trend!

Pulling from the brown in the floral pattern I found some accessories that added polish to an otherwise casual outfit. If you’re going to wear a slouchy bellbottomed jean like this pair from J.Crew I think it’s really important to add some structure on top. This beige Bebe vest sophisticates the outfit, especially when belted with a simple brown leather strap that’s similar to my vintage clutch.

Not every floral print is going to be your style. But if you know what colors flatter you most (in my case that’s blue and green!) look for a style in that palette. And remember that you can always mute a loud print with lots of fun basic extras, as shown here.

This is the perfect time to try floral prints now and be one with nature! Or….at least make people think you are. I personally am happy rocking this look indoors. With the air conditioning on FULL blast! 😉

Happy Summer!

–V. xoxo


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