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Summer Travel


What I wore:

Sunglasses: New Look (Men’s!) Skirt: Bebe Bracelet: Juicy Couture Shoes: Levity Bag: Louis Vuitton


Searching for the perfect warm weather travel outfit has always been a daunting task for me. My love for cold weather clothes prevents me from getting excited for Summer styling! However, this brown, beige & cream ensemble was a welcome change!


I took the classic brown monogram palette of my oversized Louis Vuitton bag and expounded upon that to create a monochrome look with draping accents from the skirt hem and simple scarf. The vintage looking New Look sunnies are a favorite pair of mine. Borrowed from the boys as I found them in the men’s section!


Beachy waves and a punchy lipstick topped off this carefree look that’s perfect for an airport run (bring flats, if you need!). Though comfortable, this look is still polished enough to see you through to a nice holiday lunch once you’ve landed at your sunny destination of choice.


Wherever your travels take you please don’t take a “vacation” from style. Promise? 😉

-V. xoxo

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