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The Lady Bag

What makes a “Lady Bag”? To use this term correctly you must be referring to a handbag that is of a certain structured, polished shape constructed in timeless, expensive (or expensive looking) materials.

I have always favoured a strong bag as opposed to a slouchy bohemian style. I feel a lot more polished when my bag is a perfect little “box”. It feels more secure, more serious. Even opening the clasp on this one feels elegant. The satisfying “snap!” of gold hardware closure is prim and proper. 

As you can see this particular bag by Bessie London provides double the pleasure, double the fun with its dual-sided texture. One side is a buttery smooth (faux) leather panel and the other is a lighter embossed (faux) crocodile print with a high gloss finish. The contrast provides a bit of interest to an otherwise demure carry-all.

What I’m keeping in this purse, along with my secrets, is the usual six or seven shades of lip gloss all in the same shade of pinky nude. (Don’t ask why. I’ve no idea!) And a few other essentials too. But we’ll save that for my next “Whats in my bag?” post coming soon. 

I do love leaving you in suspense! 😉 

Fashionably yours,

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