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The Statement Blazer

The Statement Blazer


Happy New Year, fashionistas! Are you feeling renewed and refreshed? If your answer if anything other than “YES!” you may need a serious dose of style, stat! May I make a suggestion? The statement blazer. 

Nothing commands respect quite like a blazer. It’s the perfect wardrobe addition to set the tone for the new year. Gone are the days of dressing like a wallflower! Choose a structured piece in a print or colour that says “look at me!” and wear yours with confidence. For me, a graphic black and white houndstooth print accented with metallic accessories is what made me feel powerful on an otherwise ordinary afternoon. If the 80’s taught us one thing it’s that “Power Dressing” is not a trend…it’s a movement. An ongoing movement that I personally find very important today. Fashion after all is about expressing yourself and when you choose a piece like the statement blazer you convey strength and sophistication. 

I do recommend keeping the rest of your look relatively lowkey so that you keep the spotlight on your jacket of choice. Whether you shop in designer boutiques, on the high street or you choose to scour pre-worn vintage treasures online like I often do…there’s a blazer that’s waiting to be styled by YOU! In an effort to get to know more of my readers I invite you to share your favorite looks with me on social media. I would love to know how you put your outfits together and see the risks you’re taking in this exciting new year! Please follow me on Twitter @socalvalerie and show me what you’ve got! 

Cheers to 2018 and the fabulous looks you’ll create! 


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