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Trashy Tuxedo



What I wore…

Top: Lush (“Swing tank” purchased at Nordstrom Rack. Follow the brand: @LushClothing) Necklace: Henri Bendel Bowtie: Ebay (Available here: Pants: Piper Project by Nordstrom Rack (Available here: Shoes: Buffalo London — Musical Inspiration: “Out of the Black” by Royal Blood (@royalblooduk) —

Oh, these pants. These scrunchy, baggy leather trousers. Where it all began! I was shopping with my sister in one of our favorite stores, Nordstrom Rack, where neither of us are able to leave without bundles and bundles of clothes in our arms. It literally is a treasure trove of affordable luxury. These pants struck me instantly because I knew that trying them on would take me completely out of my comfort zone. I joked with my sister that they were “Garbage Pail Kid Pants” and that’s still how I refer to them. So how will I, Miss “everything has to be polished and perfect” make these work? The cool factor simply couldn’t be denied, though. There was something about the slouchiness of them that I really loved. I put them on, put my hands in the pockets and instantly felt….NOW. Modern. Edgy. Effortless.

I already had this white Lush swing tank in my closet (also from Nordstrom rack) and the shape was perfect to pair with the pants. I have several of these tanks in various colors and the shape works with nearly everything. Finally a basic tank shape to stock up on! I knew tucking the shirt in would be essential to keep the look from being TOO sloppy. True to form I also wanted to make the pants as dressy as possible. How do I do that? Make it a “tuxedo”!

Obviously I wear a lot of black and white already but to take this look into “tuxedo territory” all I needed was an Art Deco diamond chain (to keep it feminine), some sky high peep toe pumps and one simple black undone bowtie. I bought this one from Ebay for a whopping $1.56. That includes shipping. Genius right? I originally had to purchase it for a photoshoot that had a Mad Men/Gangster theme. The inspiration originally came from a very cool photoshoot that featured my favorite wizard (ok second favorite to Harry) Ron Weasley AKA Rupert Grint. (Who is incredible by the way. I saw Rupert in a play called “Mojo” in London that was out of control amazing. Look it up!) I am including the photo below so you can see the comparison.


I find it so hilarious that this one random photo of Rupert Grint inspired an entire photoshoot and ultimately a new outfit for me. But inspiration comes when it comes, doesn’t it? You just have to be open to finding it.

Keep it trashy, friends.

–V. xoxo

(PS: Also including a Street Style photo via Pinterest of the stunning Caroline De Maigret in a gorgeous ensemble featuring similar slouchy leather pants. Follow her for style inspiration: @carolinedemais )

(My Fashion/Editorial Photoshoot is the work of Toronto Photographer Kyle Ryan Schruder who you can follow on Twitter: @KSPhoto84 and visit his online portfolio:



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