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Tropical Tea Dress

Tropical Tea Dress


Sunglasses: Nordstrom Dress: American Vintage (Fullerton, CA) Purse: Vintage Shoes: Jessica Simpson Musical Inspiration: “Build Me Up Buttercup” by The Foundations

The need for an “afternoon tea dress” in ones wardrobe is all but lost. But since when do we dress up for what we NEED and not for what we WANT? The concept of a tea dress such as this one may not be “necessary” in today’s society but that doesn’t mean you can’t sneak it into your modern wardrobe in a fashionable nod to the past.

This vintage dress is super sweet featuring a gorgeous Summer floral print over a demure buttercup yellow background. The shape is super flattering, as I find most vintage styles are, in the way it highlights a woman’s hourglass shape.

I felt no need to weigh down such a boldly patterned dress with superfluous accessories so a classic pair of gold aviators, nude low heeled pumps and a structured cream vintage bag seemed appropriate.

I always like to fantasize about which dreamy location each outfit would take me to. Which glamorous jet set locale would this ensemble make the most sense in, I wonder? For this shoot I purposely posed in what looks like a warm tropical villa. Perhaps I’m waiting on Carey Grant to pull the car around and take me out for mimosas and finger sandwiches…

Oh, Mr. Grant. Flowers? For me? You shouldn’t have… 😉

–V. xoxo

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