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Trumpet Skirt in Toronto


What I wore…

Coat: Black Rivet Scarf: Vintage Skirt: Carlisle  Shoes: Guess Musical Inspiration: “All the Right Moves” by One Republic

I absolutely love the color combo of black, white and red. But being a redhead I find it difficult to wear shades of red and pink on top, near my red hair. When I saw this adorable “Mad Men” style trumpet skirt at Cida’s in Orlando (address below!) I thought it’d be a great way to use the color in a way that wouldn’t compete with my red hair. Though I admit…the shape of the skirt perplexed me!

As a fan of the retro/Pinup look I’ve come accustomed to the classic, straight pencil skirt. The flare at the bottom of this skirt was a bit tricky to style so I tried it with a simple black top and cinch belt. Et voila! Basics never fail.

A classic “Hermes style” printed scarf and structured handbag seemed like the right choice as well. And for the final piece, topping the outfit with a coat of this length was perfect to let the cherry red skirt peek through from the bottom!

I think it’s important with a trumpet skirt to keep the rest of your look fairly simple. It’s a figure-hugging silhouette that allows your curves to take center stage. And it’s the perfect skirt style I’d recommend to those who want to create the illusion of curves. The hourglass shape is built right in!

There is one quote that defines this look. While I could be intellectual here and quote Mark Twain, I prefer to use a line from his distant, sassy cousin, Miss Shania Twain, who once said…

“Damn! I feel like a woman!” 😉

–V. xoxo


Cida’s Consignment 

535 Park Avenue N, Ste 124, Winter Park, FL 32789

(407) 644-5635

((A very big THANK YOU goes to extraordinary photographer Kyle Schruder for this editorial shoot in Toronto, Ontario. View more of his work here: KYLE SCHRUDER)


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