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Varsity Glam


The Varsity Jacket is an easy, classic wardrobe staple to some and a completely bewildering piece to others…as in, me. In past posts I’ve talked about my love all things “preppy” and anything reminiscent of a school uniform. However a varsity jacket really intimidated me given it’s sporty/masculine heritage. Lucky for you, readers…I LOVE a challenge!


I found this jacket YEARS ago (maybe circa 2001?) in my favorite downtown LA shopping district: Santee Alley. (Google it and visit. It’s amazing!) Wrestling fans won’t be surprised that the message on the back written in pink rhinestones was the first thing to catch my eye. Remember Stephanie McMahon’s infamous “Daddy’s Little Girl” jumpsuit? With all due respect I found this jacket even BEFORE that epic #SMH fashion moment. Is that forward fashion thinking or what? Go me!


To downplay the sportiness of the jacket I paired it with an oversized “Beverly Hills” tee (worn purposely disheveled) and a vintage sequin pencil skirt purchased at my favorite Orlando store: Dechoes Resale. I found the patent leather booties in @RetroWoman in Notting Hill’s Portobello Road Market for around 15 pounds. I purposely took out the rather boring laces that came with the boots and left them open and undone. The beauty of shoe laces, by the way, is the freedom to change them with every outfit! Or to get rid of them completely as I’ve done here. Try it!


In what I would call the ULTIMATE $oCalVal daytime outfit, this look is one I feel super comfortable in. Special thanks to Full Sail University for the very fitting backdrop and another very special thank you to my always entertaining, personal blog photographer: @Gunther_Chanel!

-V. Xoxo

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