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Voodoo Vixen



Voodoo Vixen (Click to shop: ) What I wore…

“Look One”

“Marietta” Ladybird Cardigan (Available here:

Skirt & Heels: Bebe

“Look Two”

Similar “Arabella” Top

(Available here:

“Marlene” Skirt (Available here:

Heels: Buffalo London 

Musical Inspiration: “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” by Specimen Azoic

Finally! A line of retro clothing that works in real life! I am delighted to present a new brand to my readers that, like me, appreciate the sexy simplicity of the classic Pinup girl. When you view the “Voodoo Vixen” clothing collection, thoughts of Dita Von Teese & Mad Men’s Joan Holloway immediately spring to mind. This London based boutique gets every look right from head to toe. I can literally see myself in every piece from their collection! But for this particular blog I’ve narrowed it down to two looks. Both featured in professional photoshoots I recently did in Toronto, Canada. These outfits were just too phenomenal to only feature in real life!

First up is the red and black “Marietta” cardigan with red bow and printed ladybugs. Or “ladybirds” as they call them in the UK…


This sweater is too adorable for words. When I saw it I knew it would be the perfect backdrop to a strong, classic red lipstick. (I recommend “Dare You” by MAC Cosmetics) and a simple black pencil skirt. I took the outfit for a spin in “real life” pairing black and white faux eyeglasses with it to take it into sexy nerd territory. I really couldn’t resist. I felt like carrying schoolbooks with it but maybe that’s pushing the envelope.

Next we have the gorgeous “Marlene” skirt and matching top. I was so thrilled to find out these were separates….


You can definitely keep an eye out for a few more pairings with these two pieces. I am picturing the top with jeans to make it more modern and possibly a colored blouse with the black and white skirt. Perhaps matching heels? Oh the possibilities!

I am wearing the skirt and top combo together in these “Alice in Wonderland” themed photos. There is something so sweet and playful in the movement of this skirt. The length is also really beautiful and demure. It’s a shape you really don’t see much of anymore and I think that’s a real shame. I love mini skirts and maxi skirts like any other fashionista but this length shows just enough leg. Not so much that it’s overtly sexy.

 I encourage you to shop “Voodoo Vixen” by visiting their website to find which style best suits you. Just be prepared for all the compliments you’ll get!

Click to shop “VOODOO VIXEN” now! —>

–V. xoxo




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