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Whats in my Bella Bag? **PROMO CODE Included!**

“What’s in my Bella?”


Mac Powder

The only face makeup I normally wear is this Mac Studio Fix (in C4) powder. It’s amazing how much coverage it gives you if you apply a good amount, but it’s also great at eliminating shine when lightly applied for touch-ups. I always dread that heavy “mask” look that other foundations give you. With this, you can still see your skin through it so you never appear overly made up.

Vicks VapoRub

My friends are probably laughing that I included this one. I am sick very often and with traveling for work on top of it I take a lot of precautions. I apply a little Vicks on my nostrils during flights to keep germs away. Plus, with being an announcer I can’t risk losing my voice. The Vicks inhaler is also great at clearing my sinuses. Sure some people say it’s addicting, and “bad” for you etc. but I don’t really believe it. Take it from someone who knows…this stuff WORKS. Period.

Tarte Lipgloss

At Christmas I received an entire set of these adorable mini glosses in various colors. They are so cute and have a minty smell/taste that plumps the lips!

Trident White Sugarfree Gum

I love gum with a hard candy shell. But it’s only SPEARMINT I like. Not peppermint. I’m a bit of a diva when it comes to that… 😉

Hot Pink Mace

A single girl in the city needs to protect herself, right? You never know when you’re going to find yourself walking to your car in a dark parking lot. Just sayin’! A good place to get an affordable pepper spray/mace like this one is Dick’s sporting goods. They’re usually near the checkout counter. (Why else would I be in a sporty store, right? My thoughts exactly.)

Tiffany Wallet

I used to carry a much bigger wallet. I’ve since downsized to a slim zippered leather wallet in signature Tiffany blue that transfers easily from a bigger daytime bag to a smaller evening clutch. I love that it’s “designer” but not overtly monogrammed. Buy it here: Sentimental Keychains

The luck of the Irish is always on my side as long as I have a cute shamrock keychain! I have one that was given to me by some of my extended Irish family. I also have a green leather square (pictured here) with the printed Houses of Parliament logo that I recently got in London. I was lucky enough to be invited to a tour and it was just incredible. As a lifelong fan of British history, architecture and monarchs this was a huge honor. The keychain is a sweet reminder of that.

Hand Sanitizer

Always a good idea! Esepcially when traveling. This “Pineapple Mojo” scent from Bath & Body Works is great but my other favorite scent is “Smart Cookie”. I love anything that smells like vanilla cookies or cake!

Business Cards

Never leave home without them! You never know when you’ll run into a contact that could be good for your brand or business. I kept mine simple with a friendly photo and basic contact info. (No Bikini/Lingerie photos. Though I have a ton of them it would send the wrong message!) The best deal I’ve found online for inexpensive but great quality cards is

L’Occitane Lavender Hand Cream

L’Occitane is the best when it comes to hand creams. This classic lavender scented one is the perfect size for on the go hydration. They specialize in all sorts of travel sized toiletries. All of which I’ve found to be fabulous and well worth the price. (Try their Apple Almond shower oil! It’ll change your life! No lotion required after showering. It’s incredible!)

Eau Thermale Avene Spring Water

I swear by face sprays when traveling. Your skin, especially the most sensitive skin on your face, tends to dry out mid-flight from that horrid recycled air. It’s so refreshing to moisturize your skin with a spritz of this Eau Thermale Avene Thermal Spring Water. Their line of products is lovely. Check them out here:

Rosary from Iraq

This is one of my most treasured items. While on a goodwill tour of Iraq the most memorable place I visited was a church at one of the army bases that was accepting of ALL religions. No matter where the soldier was from. I think that’s beautiful! My friend Tracy Brooks and I both took one of these…after we cried of course. (If you’re reading this, sorry to call you out Tracer! 😉 Ha!)

Perfume Rollerballs

I switch scents pretty often. Before I leave the house I’ll choose a perfume but I’ve found throughout the day it vanishes so I need to reapply. The “Champs Elysees” perfume by Zara blends well over any of my perfumes! Super affordable too. The main Zara I wear is called “Zara Woman Oriental” and I highly recommend it. It smells VERY fancy and was only 10 pounds in the London Westfields Zara store! 😉 The scent I chose to feature here though (in photo) is my current favorite. Elizabeth & James “White Nirvana”. It smells “expensive”. Very “high end”. The scent is gorgeous but not overpowering. I apply it throughout the day/night as I see fit.

“Buy the Bella”

*** PROMO CODE: Enter: SoCalVal20 at checkout and receive 20% off of your entire order! Be sure to tweet a photo of you and your “64Bag” and send it to me so I can see how you styled it! So tell your friends, follow me on Twitter (@SoCalValerie) and don’t forget to include @64Bags in your post!***

(Click the link below to start shopping…)

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