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Why You MUST own MUSTARD Tights…



Inspiration: Pinterest, London Street Style, Van Gogh 

Musical Inspiration: “Yellow” — by Coldplay

—- What I wore…

–Glasses: Claires –Watch: Movado –Scarf: River Island –Tights: Target –Booties: Shoe Land –Bag: Louis Vuitton

Not everyone wakes up one morning saying “I HAVE to buy mustard tights”! But I did. For this I blame Pinterest! After seeing so many pins featuring colored tights I wanted to get in on the trend myself. I was also inspired by a girl I saw walking down the street in London in THE most beautiful tights in a deep merlot shade that she had styled SO perfectly I wanted to take her picture! Perhaps in future I’ll just randomly ask chic strangers if I can add them to my blog. Good idea?

I’ll be showing a few looks in these tights in future blog posts that I purchased for a staggering TEN dollars at Target! As with any daring accessory I started creating looks centered around this one item. I chose this golden mustard shade but tights in any offbeat hue are a great inexpensive way to incorporate some “risk” into an otherwise demure wardrobe. 

Hosiery of any kind isn’t exactly popular in Florida where it is seldom cool enough to even need a light jacket. Therefore, I needed a way to rock the trend in a warmer climate. I purchased this scarf from my FAVORITE reasonably priced shop in London (River Island) and thanks to my love of the classic Hermes chain printed scarf this one stood out to me immediately. I was lucky that it not only matched the yellow tone of the tights but was large enough to wear almost as a top. 

Underneath the scarf is just a basic black camisole/black skirt and I belted the scarf to define my waist with a simple black stretchy belt. To give the look some  “edge” I added a vintage mens Movado watch and these tough zip-up rocker booties that I purchased at ‘Shoe Land’ for (pause for shock)…TEN dollars. I couldn’t believe how cool these looked for such a steal! Lesson: Never discount cheap shoe stores. If you have a good eye you can spot the ones that don’t LOOK cheap.

For a personal touch I added the faux glasses to give me a sort of “Art Student” feel since the tights reminded me of colorful paint! Recently watching a documentary on one of my favorite artists, Vincent Van Gogh, inspired me to draw, paint and create outfits in shades from his signature bold color palette.

My oversized Louis Vuitton “Vernis” bag (a gift from my stylish sister in London) isn’t exactly for a babe on a budget. But! With every look I encourage you to mix both high AND low priced brands to get an eclectic mix. 


—V.  xoxo

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