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Yes Pleats!



Top: 2Bebe Belt: Rampage Ring: Swarovski “Prism” Skirt: H&M Shoes: Colin Stuart for Victorias Secret

Musical Inspiration: “Happy Little Pill” by Troye Sivan

With every blog I think you’ll see a pattern. One that I, until starting this blog, didn’t even notice until I put pen to paper. Well…fingertips to keyboard if I am being honest. The pattern is that I really do build outfits around one particular piece I love. I let that piece “speak to me” and “suggest” what colors and accessories to pair with it so it is featured in its best possible light. Though this post today was originally created to talk about the “Pleats” trend I saw in various Spring/Summer runway shows and in magazines, it’s really the SHOES that inspired this look.

I purchased these (very) high heels at Victorias Secret a few seasons ago. I really loved the colors and structure of the heels. I found a bright purple collared shirt from 2Bebe that I knew would bring out the pop of purple in the shoes. The skirt though is still something I need to mention because a lot of my girlfriends have noted that pleated skirts can seem dated or too “girly”. I for one have never been bothered by either of these but I get their point. This is why I took this simple black pleated skirt and “toughened it up” with this black and silver studded belt from Rampage. I bought it lightyears ago and I’ve used it to cinch in dresses AND to wear it looser around the hips if I am wearing black pants or jeans.

Maybe it’s a simple trick but I was proud of myself for moving the buckle to the side. It gives the belt versatility because normally I want the buckle directly in the center if I am defining my waist. But moving the buckle to the side is something I have seen countless Street Style fashionistas do to add interest to their looks. It’s amazing how making that small of a change ups the ante, right? Just a thought.

It may make you laugh to know that I chose to wear this exact outfit to French class one day. But I figured what the heck. Brightly colored platform heels are powerful in any language.

Au revoir, mon ami!

–V. xo









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